How long should you keep your bed linen for?

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When should I replace my old bed linen with new bed linen?

This is an excellent question; for how long should we use the same bed linen before deeming it to be too old or no longer effective for its intended use?

There are many different answers to this question, but one would generally assume that the more you use it, the longer it should last.

However there are a number of other factors, such as how frequently the bedding is washed and ironed, both of which can cause some fabrics to wear out and look worn even after just a few years.

In the case of higher quality fabrics, however, you can have a guarantee of their lasting up to seven years, such as with the finest Egyptian cotton.

So as you can see there is no definite fit-all answer; what has been your experience with your own bedding?

A recent article found in the Daily Mail said that the average person in the UK continues using their bedding linen for more than a year longer than they should.

Such flagrant neglect can lead to an increase in aches and pains, damage to the neck, as well as an increase in allergies and bug infestations.

The gist of the information given can be laid out as follows:

  • Pillows are recommended to be changed every two years; duvets, every five.
  • 82% of people are unaware of this, and most of these people use the same bedding for much longer.
  • The average person in the UK will use a pillow for over three years, and a duvet for over seven.
  • 57% of people will replace their bedding only once it begins to wear out.

As for our own company’s point of view, there is one thing we agree on for sure: the topic of this article can be very controversial.

Men, for instance, tend to not want to replace bedding more often because of the cost.

As a result, they miss out on the benefits you can get from sleeping on appropriate and fresh bedding.

Women, on the other hand, tend to change their bedding with the seasons. As color and style are important to them, fresh bedding can make a bedroom look brand new.

Because everyone is different, there is no one single answer about how long one should keep the same bedding.

If washed and cared for correctly, for instance, duvets and pillows are able to last for up to ten years depending on the manufacturer.

When To Wash Your Bedding?

Dirty Duvets

We recommend washing (washable) duvets every couple of months. Most duvets will indicate whether or not they can be machine washed at home, however, so in some cases dry cleaning may be a safer option.

Duvets made from natural feathers and down, for instance, should be cleaned by a professional dry cleaner, and we advise you to check the label in order to be on the safe side.

Pillow Talk

We recommend that pillows be washed more often than duvets. Like with duvets, the majority of pillows that made with synthetic material can be washed safely at forty or sixty degrees.

However please make sure to check the label on pillows made from natural materials since they tend to need professional cleaning.

Finally, beyond the issue of washing alone, you can protect pillows with a cover to make a huge difference in retaining their quality and longevity, shielding them from daily wear and offering a barrier to moisture and dust.

Mattress Protectors and Toppers

Mattress protectors are another good option which offers peace of mind with respect to spills and stains, while also keeping your bed feeling and looking fresh for a much longer period of time.

Mattress toppers can also make a large improvement in your sleep quality, and can also rejuvenate old or worn-out mattresses without having to buy an entirely new mattress.

A topper can also offer additional support to your body to guarantee a great and healthy night’s sleep.

Freshen Up Bedding Between Washes

One very simple way to refreshen your bedding is simply to air it out outdoors for a few hours on a nice day.

Likewise, giving your duvet a good shake every day or so in order to air it out will help it to look plump and fresh without having to wash it as frequently.

Our take on the information above: though the ideas given above are quite simple and obvious, they can be extremely effective and yet are often neglected.

Despite their simplicity these tips can improve the longevity of all of your bedding dramatically.

That being said, when it does come time to replace your old worn-out bedding, remember the motto “you get what you pay for”. Though this is not the same as simply saying that the most expensive bedding set will necessarily be the best one for you.

Take your time and select your bedding carefully.

Any reputable bedding retailer, be it at a department store or online, will know their products well and will be able to you what you need as well as considering what you like and what you don’t.

To test them, try asking if they know the difference between different fabrics and why one specifically is better than another one.

Another question than any capable bedding retailer will know is why natural materials last longer than synthetic ones, as well as why they are considered to be more comfortable.

For some final bits and pieces of advice, keep in mind that pillows and mattress toppers do offer some posture control, but as we said above every one of us is different and so no single product will fit every body.

Because of this, although reliable information is hard to come by, it is absolutely essential for finding the product that fits you.

Although money is always an important aspect in terms of quality, nevertheless one can always spend wisely and seek out reliable advice for the sake of a good investment.

In the end your health and peace of mind are priceless, and the benefits of a good night’s sleep will outweigh any seemingly additional or unnecessary costs.

This health page offers eleven (not ten) reasons why your sleep quality is precious and the benefits of improving it.

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